Life’s Basic Algorithm

If you still ignore or skip the basics in your life, then try and prepare a dish for your family and ask their reviews on it.

BUT there is a condition!!

You need to skip one of its core ingredients. For example, you need to skip sugar in Gulab jamun, salt in Kadhai paneer, etc. 

Some of you might be thinking of other alternatives to sugar or salt. But, aren’t you again trying to substitute for the basic taste of the dish?

You will have to go to its base nature (sweet or salty), to get your family taste buds satisfied with a perfect dish.

Can you drive?

Can you write?

Can you solve algebra?

Can you develop software?

Can you write a book?

If it is a NO for any of the above questions, then ask yourself, WHY?

Because you don’t know how to do it or I can say you don’t know its basics.

Can you correlate? 

You might be anywhere in your career and relationships. If you are struggling and not enjoying them, that means you have skipped or ignored the very basics of those close things in your life.

Maybe you are a student not enjoying your studies

An employee, not interested in your job.

A husband or a wife, not happy with your marriage

Anybody, not satisfied with some of your relationships.

The one, not enjoying your health.

Brainstorm yourself and try to answer one question.

What is it that you have been underestimating for a very long time?


Where can we start?

  • First, you need to find out. What is bothering you? 
  • Then you should make a list of the core ingredients you need to collect to transform your distasteful botherings into the delicious joy of life.
  • Find out! What basics of parenting you need to know to have a good relationship with your children?
  • Learn, focus, and stick to the basics of skills you want to develop to perform better at your workplace. 
  • Work on the basic needs to be fulfilled in a relationship.

“People with a well built BASIC ALGORITHM don’t struggle in life.”

Basics give you confidence and confidence makes you attractive.