6 Steps To Channelize Your energy For Better Results In Life

Energy is the basis of all life.

You all must be well familiar with this law of energy which states that:

“Energy is constant all throughout the universe i.e., it can neither be created nor be destroyed.”

How can you use this energy to get better results in life?

in order to create something, you need energy which in turn is obtained from some source i.e. What you Eat..

You get your energy from what you eat. This input of energy must help you to perform your daily chores. But sometimes, unknowingly, you tend to waste this energy on activities that don’t add any value to your life…


Tell me! How many times have any of these situations been faced by you? :
  • Someone commented on your agitated behavior even when you are trying to appear calm.
  • You lose mental connection with a friend only to be focused on a bird flying in the sky
  • You are not feeling sleepy at your bedtime so you pick up your mobile and lose 2 to 3 hours (or even more) of your sleeping time only to feel exhausted for the rest of the following day.

We all have been there.

Some of us keep living in this dangerous life loop but many of us realize this drain and focus on improvements in life and push away all these obstacles. These are the people who achieve success as well as peace in life

This leakage of energy over a long period of time brings a state of setbacks, low confidence, and social seclusions.

So here are six ways how you can find your focus and stop this leakage of energy

1. Make a to-do list

This is the most effective way, to begin with.

Try to write down all your tasks at hand whether small or highly significant.

This helps you to save your energy as after noting a task down it will not be necessary to worry about remembering such trivial jobs. Also, it has a muscle-to-memory connection and helps you to remember it.

Look at the example of a To-Do List in the image below for reference

2. Be your own critic

Checking your to-do list and striking off the done tasks gives you a boost of Dopamine hormone in your blood and you feel a sense of achievement, this will encourage you to accomplish your future task with elevated self-confidence

Hence it becomes necessary to become your own critic and work on your weaknesses if you fail to finish off a list.

Remember, it is always good to Analyze, Improvise and Proceed

See the image below for reference

You see!! I am going to strike off the “Complete Blog Post” task from my urgent list as soon as I will publish this post

It is already giving me a boost of Dopamine 🙂

3. Free yourself from guilt

If completing the task in time gives a sense of achievement then the reverse can also be true.

Not being able to finish a task for no good reason may bring guilt over time.

Guilt is the major leakage point. Hence it becomes important to set rules yourself and abide by them.

Write it down somewhere what stopped you from completing your task.

For example, see below :

Taking these kinds of actions we can develop a sense of control over life

4. Start learning a new skill

In order to break off the monotony of daily work, learning a new skill helps a lot.

Some recommended skills for are cooking, budgeting, grooming, dancing, learning a new language, first aid, etc. these life skills help build your personality and develop an approach to an independent life.

5. Give time to your hobby

Skills are learned with a purpose but the hobby has no purpose.

The only help that a hobby does is bring solace and calmness in the world of chaos. Sometimes it helps you drain your excessively overwhelming emotions with a sudden distraction sometimes…

Some common hobbies found among the majority of humans are drawing, watching movies, listening to music, swimming, hanging out with friends and family, reading books, and playing video games.

But be cautious for the last ones… THEY CAN BE ADDICTIVE TO DANGEROUS LIMITS!!!!

6. Meditate

Meditation is a very effective way to enhance

  • Productivity
  • Thinking skills
  • Mental peace.
  • Attention Span
  • Heart Health
  • Decision Making
  • Memory

Even a small Pranayamsession can bring wonders but making it a part of daily morning rituals can bring marvelous outcomes.