33 days to develop a skill

“They are born with a god gift!”

“They are so talented!”

You must have heard it many times either in your mind or from the people around you.

You must be wondering, how some people around you are so effortless in their work that it seems like god has written codes in their minds by birth.

Let’s define talent first:

special ability or skill that allows someone to do something well.

Now tell me, Do you have any special ability?

If it’s a YES, then you will be able to correlate with this post.

If it’s a NO, then let’s DEVELOP ONE.

Yes! You heard it right. You can develop a skill that will become your speciality over time with regular practice.

A day will come when you become so effortless in using the skill that people around you will start considering it as your talent.

But the question is HOW?

Let’s take an example and try to modify it in line with your needs.

In an experiment, 50 students were chosen. They were average or below-average in their studies. They were asked some questions:

“How hard it is to solve 5 mathematics questions in a day”? “It’s easy”, they said.

Now, what about 20 questions in a day? “Not that easy maybe”. 

And what about 100 questions in a day? “Impossible”, they assured.

Then they were invited to accept a challenge in which they will have to attempt a certain number of maths questions in a day as follows:

Day 1: 10 questions 

Day 2: 15 questions 

Day 3: 20 questions 

Day 4: 25 questions 

Day 5: 30 questions 

Day 6: 33 questions 

Day 7: 35 questions 

Day 8: 38 questions 

Day 9: 40 questions

Day10: 43questions 

Day 11: 45 questions 

Day 12: 48 questions 

Day 13: 50 questions 

Day 14: 52 questions 

Day 15: 54 questions 

Day 16: 57 questions 

Day 17: 60 questions 

Day 18: 62 questions 

Day 19: 64 questions 

Day 20: 67 questions 

Day 21: 70 questions

Day 22 : 72 questions

Day 23 : 75 questions

Day 24 : 77 questions

Day 25 : 80 questions

Day 26 : 82 questions

Day 27 : 85 questions

Day 28 : 88 questions

Day 29 : 90 questions

Day 30 : 92 questions

Day 31 : 95 questions

 simple question again.

“How hard it is to practice 30 maths questions daily for the rest of your academic year?”

Every single student agreed to do it without any hesitation.




Earlier they said attempting 20 questions in a day was not that easy but now they can effortlessly attempt 30 questions daily.

All students have pushed their limits to develop a skill or special ability by following a systematic plan.

Remember one thing, You cannot develop a skill in one day but one day a skill will be developed. 

George Hood, a 62-year old man, set the Guinness World Record for the longest time spent holding the plank position (8 hours 15 mins and 15 seconds).

In his interview, he said that he did over 2100 hours of planking to prepare for the record.

2100 hours! Will you call it talent or an act of pushing limits?

All you need is a written plan and a compulsion to do it. You can take help from your friends, parents, etc. ask them to be your invigilator all throughout your mission.

You can modify the above experiment for yourself.

If you want to be in good shape, replace the ‘questions’ with ‘push-ups’, If you want to be a writer replace it with ‘lines’, (number of lines you are going to write in a day), and so on.

For example, Day 1 : 10 push-ups. or Day 1: 10 lines , etc.

After a few days, when you look back to your present self, you will cherish the moment where you will be then.



Feel free to ask anything. I will be happy to contribute to your success journey.