Why vs HOW

“Bade ho kar kya karoge?”,

In my guess this question has been asked by almost every child in its childhood by elder family members.

I always wondered as a kid why we were asked such a question which belonged to remote future. Who can tell what they would do when they grow into adults with life full of possibilities as well as responsibilities!

The questions have various forms, some are ‘what’ questions, some are ‘why’ questions and others are ‘how’questions.

As a child, we are introduced to some highly esteemed and reputed professions by our elders like IAS officer, a Doctor, an Engineer, a Police officer and many more. Also, we get to see some glimpses of lives of such famous professions through media and entertainment too.

We get fascinated by almost all of them as they are portrayed as heroic and a symbol of bravery and patriotism, sometimes with luxury too.

Your focus should always be on the why kind of questions.

As this ‘why’,will be the question which may set a young mind to think upon the real question related to their future life.

Suppose if someone has become a doctor because of the parents’ wish or friends company and guidance or because it was the only option left, it will not bring any happiness in life. It will just bring a sense of constant frustration due to busy schedule which the person might have never longed for.

So we need to bring shifts in social standards and stigmas if we want our future generations to not fall victim to doing what others feel best for them.

Instead they should have the liberty to exercise “freedom”. Freedom of choice gives immense joy and purpose to their life and will bring them away from such possibility of feeling a failure in future even after accomplishing everything.


When a child is sure of the question why, his/her life will not need motivation on ‘how’, as heart always finds what it seeks.